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Discover the Unexpected Benefits of Chiropractic Care

three generations of womenMention chiropractic and most people automatically think of help for back and neck pain. While chiropractic does a fantastic job of alleviating such discomfort, it does so much more. Here are some common ailments that respond incredibly well to chiropractic.


With headaches, the main thing we look at is the upper cervical area because those nerves that come out of that area are the ones that supply your face, brain and head. When there’s a misalignment in that part, it can cause some intense headaches.

Getting adjusted for a headache can provide immediate relief, and even faster than most over-the-counter medications.

Digestive Issues

Regarding digestion, all of the nerves that serve your large and small intestines and your stomach come from your lower back. So when having low back problems, patients may complain of also having issues like constipation or diarrhea. With one adjustment usually their symptoms have subsided, which can be incredible.

With kids who come with digestive complaints, a parent may say, “She hasn’t used the bathroom in a couple of days.” We’ll say, “Text us or call us if you have to stop on the way home for your child to use the bathroom.” That happening is a huge compliment to us. We’ll also have parents on kids’ day, say “She used the bathroom; she feels fantastic and she stopped crying!”


The nerve sensitivity when you have a subluxation can cause a lot of hypersensitivity and that’s seen in a lot of kids with ADHD. These children have a sensitivity to sound, touches or noises. Helping their nervous system calm down and reboot is very beneficial to them. With our natural approach, your child may avoid taking medication for their ADHD.

Allergies & Head Colds

Patients who come in with sniffles or sinus pressure can see improvements after receiving a sinus adjustment. Usually, patients will text when they leave the office and say they can breathe normally and everything feels so much better in their face because of the sinus adjustment.

Pandemic-Related Pain

It’s more important than ever to seek chiropractic care during this unique pandemic situation as chiropractic can keep your immune system healthy. We’ve also seen an uptick of pain in our wellness patients who are teachers. Normally they see us once a month-they come in with no pain, leave with no pain and are holding their adjustments. Like most people these days, they are experiencing a lot of extra stress and work.

We’ve had to increase their treatment plans to make sure we’re keeping them balanced and aligned while they’re having to care for their students. In addition to teachers, many people are sitting so much more than they used to-working long hours at their home office.

While getting chiropractic care is highly beneficial, it’s also a good idea to get up every half hour or so and walk around or stretch.

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