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Pregnancy and Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Baby yawningDuring all stages of life, the team at Omni Wellness Center is here for you and your loved ones. We enjoy seeing entire families benefit from chiropractic. Many of our patients are expecting babies, children and pregnant women.

Care That’s Personalized to You

We take an individualized approach to care for everyone. It’s no different for expecting moms. The frequency of your visits and our recommendations to you will be tailored to what’s right for your case. We may recommend that you come in more often toward the end of the pregnancy. The baby’s position, your pain levels and your pelvis structure, amongst others, are all factors that play a role.

Help for All Stages of Pregnancy

We see expecting moms with pain, those with breech babies and pregnant women who simply want to optimize their health. Our assistance goes into your postpartum period, too. If you’re having trouble with breastfeeding or mastitis, we may offer you a different solution. Our VibraCussor® makes a tremendous difference in draining your lymphatics and clearing ducts. You can go from a high fever and feeling bad to totally normal in a short period of time!

Well-Adjusted Children

Dr. Darcey’s three children have been adjusted since moments after their birth. We want to see every baby start their health care with natural chiropractic. As they grow up, bumps, falls and bruises are inevitable. No child should be left behind. By taking care of a kid’s structural system now, they can become healthy adults.

We recommend that you bring your child in as soon as possible after birth.

Soft, Gentle Techniques

Chiropractic adjustments aren’t the same for children as they are for adults. Often, the touch of our pinky is all that’s needed. If your children are older, we want to keep their visits fun. We’ll play with them and involve them in what we’re doing. Kids love coming to our office!

Contact our team today to schedule an appointment for pregnancy and pediatrics Mountain Island! Same-day visits may be available.


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