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Graston Technique

Targeted Techniques for Targeted Care

At Omni Wellness Center, we will use every tool at our disposal to help you transform your overall wellness. We look at your specific health history and wellness needs to evaluate the best approach to help you feel your best. One of the techniques we frequently utilize is the Graston Technique.

The Graston Technique uses a series of stainless steel instruments that are drawn over your skin to reduce underlying scar tissue and fascial restrictions. Since many long-standing spinal problems produce inflammation, muscle changes and fibrotic scar tissue, this approach is helpful in creating significant, long-term changes to soft tissues throughout your body.

Tools to Help Us Get to the Heart of Your Discomfort

Graston Instrument

Our stainless steel instruments allow us to access the deeper, more significant soft tissue problems.

Sometimes our hands, elbows and arms can only put so much pressure in a limited area. If we really need to get to a hard to reach part of your soft tissue, we’ll often use a Graston instrument to target problem areas.

These hand instruments facilitate a deeper, more sensitive palpation and treatment of restricted tissues. Since the metal instruments do not compress like the fat pads of the fingers, deeper restrictions can be accessed and resolved. Plus, their concave/convex shapes mold to the various contours of your body for greater comfort and effectiveness.

Patient Satisfaction For Soft Tissue Injuries

Originally developed for the treatment of athletic injuries, patients report excellent results with both acute and chronic soft tissue injuries:

  • Decreased recovery time
  • Reduces need for medications
  • Resolves long-standing conditions
  • Reduced inflammation and pressure

As we pull our instruments across adhesions and scar tissue, patients report a temporary tightening, then a pleasant sense of release. Repeated visits help resolve these areas of scar tissue and improved muscle tone can be restored.

This is an especially fantastic technique for people who have tried almost everything -including other chiropractors. We’re dedicated to transforming health care with this all natural, pro-active approach and confident that it won’t just help address your health concerns, but your overall life goals as well.

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