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Keep Your Back Happy & Healthy While at Home

young woman working from home with back painWith stay-at-home restrictions in place due to COVID-19, many people are spending time sitting for extended periods. You may have heard that sitting is the new smoking. Too much of it can indeed be detrimental to one’s health. That’s because sitting for long periods puts a lot of pressure on our joints and muscles.

Here are some ways to keep your back healthy and feeling great:

Set up Your Home Workplace Properly

Make sure your office spaces where you sit are properly set up. If you’re at a laptop or at the kitchen table, ensure your monitor is at eye level. You also want to make sure that your laptop is on a surface that can support your wrists.

Adopt good posture by sitting upright and not slouching. Make sure that you don’t have to overextend your elbows. Getting a wireless keyboard can also help with those elbows so that you don’t get carpal tunnel syndrome.

Take Breaks to Get up and Move

Your body will tell you if you have to stretch your neck and if you’re feeling really tight. That’s a sign that you have to get up and move around. Even while working, see what you can to do incorporate movement into the day. Set reminders on your smartphone or smartwatch to stand up and walk around and stretch about every 15 minutes.

If you do want to lie down and take a break, make sure that you’re not on your belly, because that leaves your lumbar spine unsupported. Keep a pillow between your knees so your hips don’t have to stretch as far.

Participate in a Tour de House

While you can’t cycle in your house, consider walking around the house with your laptop. You’ll fit fitness in while you’re working-a win-win.

Take Cleaning Breaks

Whether you’re vacuuming, dusting or doing laundry, you’re moving. Aim to fit in a cleaning break or two each day.

Do Some Yoga Poses

As you don’t need a lot of space to do yoga, take some time each day to perform some poses, including leg raises or cat-cow poses, which loosen muscles and increase blood flow.

Wake up Those Tired Legs

If your legs are falling asleep and getting tingly, that’s a major sign! Get up and dance, or do jumping jacks to wake those legs up. Even a short jog up and down the hallway can help.

Walk in Nature

You can still social distance and get some fitness and sunlight in by walking outside. Just wear layers so you stay warm and comfortable. Spending time in nature is good for not just physical health but mental health too.

Keep up With Chiropractic Care

Not only can chiropractic care help keep your spine healthy but it also can boost your immune system. Remember that, in addition to the coronavirus circulating, it’s also cold and flu season. Getting adjusted regularly may help protect you against sickness.

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