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The New Year Isn't the Only Thing Rolling Out

foam rolling stretchDo you have sore muscles? Is your range of motion limited? Perhaps you’d like to recover from your workout faster. At Omni Wellness Center, we recommend foam rollers, which accomplish all of those things and more.

Foam rollers can benefit everyone, whether you’re active or not. These devices release the myofascial tissue and have many benefits.

Benefits of Foam Rollers

Here are some of the primary benefits of foam rollers:

  • Loosen muscles
  • Improve balance
  • Lower the risk of injury
  • Improve core strength
  • Increase the circulation of the blood allowing better performance
  • Increase mobility and flexibility allowing you to maximize a workout
  • Release muscle tension following a workout
  • Increase mobility for those who don’t work out

What to Look for in a Foam Roller

While there are various types of foam rollers available, you want to make sure the one you use is firm. Foam rollers also come in different textures. We recommend getting a smooth surface one to start.

In terms of size, it depends on the area you want to address. Shorter foam rollers will work, but longer ones will allow you to reach your whole back.

Pick the one that works best for what you’re trying to do. All of them are going to help you stretch and improve your flexibility and balance. Grooved foam rollers (also called deep tissue foam roller) are going to give you a deeper tissue release.

The Importance of Proper Form

Using the correct form while using a foam roller is critical. We’ll show you how to use it. There also are many videos available on YouTube that demonstrate how to correctly use the foam roller.

When you begin, go slowly, focusing on muscles and not the spine as the foam roller addresses muscles. Start with rolling out for 30 seconds. If you have a smaller one, you’ll want to switch sides. You can repeat the process as needed. Please note that if you have tight muscles foam rolling may not feel great at first but you should start to get relief after using it several times.

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